Here you can find links to my publications relating to Data Analysis and Programming.

I have been fortunate enough to publish work on freeCodeCamp and Towards Data Science.

This page displays links to the pages where the articles are hosted. If you have any problems accessing them (no more free Medium articles for this month?) contact me and I'll send you a link so you can read them.

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A tutorial on how to use Python and SQL (specifically MySQL using the MySQL Connector) together. It covers using the MySQL Connector to extract data from a Relational Database for use in projects in Python (such as an ML pipeline, or to feed into a visualisation template, for example), and how to write data from a Python application to a MySQL database.

Python, MySQL Server, MySQL Connector, pandas

Three part tutorial series covering the fundamentals of Relational Database theory and design, how to implement a Relational Database using MySQL and then going through the most useful queries in SQL.

Database Design, Relational Database Theory, MySQL

  1. "Designing a Relational Database and Creating an Entity Relationship Diagram"
  2. "Coding and Implementing a Relational Database using MySQL"
  3. "Data Analysis in MySQL — Operators, Joins and More in Relational Databases"

This is an introduction to making interactive visualisations in Python using the Bokeh library.

Python, Bokeh, pandas, Numpy

This is a walk-through of a Data Analysis / Data Visualisation project I worked on with geodata. I used pandas, GeoPandas, GeoPy, Matplotlib, and a few other libraries to get there.

Python, Geopandas, Geopy, pandas, Matplotlib, Shapely, pickle

An Exploratory Data Analysis project using data from Open Data Berlin to answer that most vital of questions - which district of Berlin should you live in if the only criterion you care about is access to outdoor bathing spots?

Python, pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy