Holla If Ya Hear Me - a hot-take generator using the Flask framework in Python

I wanted to use Flask to build a Web App in Python. My goal was to create an app running a simple script, but which was responsive (working and looking good on all devices) and attractive.

The logo for Holla if ya hear me

A friend of mine has been making facebook posts for the last month or so, where he makes a controversial statement of the format:

"Artist generally considered not to be that cool is cooler than artist generally considered to be pretty cool. Holla if ya hear me."

I had varying reactions to these posts depending on their content, but in general I found them enjoyable. I decided to build a web application which would automate this kind of post. This was a fun challenge, and it really helped me get to grips with Flask and how it works to connect HTML templates with working Python scripts.

Plus some of my friends got a kick out of the app itself! So that was rewarding.

I deployed the app to the cloud using Heroku, which I recommend for quickly and (relatively) easily deploying web applications

You can check out the app, and take a look at the code on GitHub.

I also made a version of this app using Streamlit when I was getting to know it. It's functional, but much less beautiful than the Flask version of the app. It also took a fraction of the time to put together, so that's the trade off! The code for that version can also be found on GitHub