Thing Finder -a functioning CRUD Web Application built using the Flask framework in Python

I wanted to use Flask to build a Web App in Python which could take user input and allow it to be manipulated by the user.

I followed this tutorial kindly provided by my friends at freeCodeCamp to get the hang of it, and then made some extra changes myself.

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Tutorials can be very helpful, but I recommend always extending the template by adding a feature or changing the focus, so that you can really learn the technology you're looking it. It's easy to get stuck in Tutorial Hell, and the best way I've found to avoid that is to immediately extend the project you create while coding along when you finish the tutorial.

The main problem with tutorials is that nothing goes wrong in them. Anyone who has worked with code will know that is not exactly reflective of the lived experience of programmers! By building new features and extending the projects you give yourself the chance to learn how to deal with real problems that come up naturally while building something, which is perhaps the most important skill you can learn.

Thing Finder is designed to help you remember where you left something, but the app is not really envisioned as a useful product. It was instead a way for me to get a handle on building a CRUD and using Flask and Flask SQLAlchemy to create and manipulate a database in a web application. There are still some significant limitations in how this application works, which I hope to address in the future.

I deployed the app to the cloud using Heroku, which I recommend for quickly and (relatively) easily deploying web applications

You can check out the app itself, and take a look at the code on GitHub.